Body Treatments

Bio slimming Wraps 

Bio slimming is a unique slimming program which targets cellulite, burns fat, burns calories, enhances weight loss, slims and tones producing long lasting results from the first treatment.

Bio slimming is scientifically formulated using a unique combination of active ingredients which include a plant extracts, high concentration of caffeine, essential oils, algae extract and thermo agents. Using bio slimming allows you to target your problem areas. On average 1-4cm lost per measured area.


  • Dramatically reduces the appearance “orange peel” skin
  • Slims firms and tones
  • Fights rebel fat deposits 
  • Eliminates toxins 
  • Thermo agents stimulate lymphatic system and helps burn fat 
  • Induces lipolysis and fat burning 
  • Improves appearance of stretch marks 
  • Improves circulation and metabolism of fat cells 

1 treatment $125 session

6 Treatments $600/ package